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Back-to-School HVAC

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Wow… Did summer fly by or what?

It’s already time that the kids are headed back to school. With this change of schedule, it’s a great time to share some very basic tips for prepping your HVAC system for the school year!


  1. Update your thermostat’s schedule

    Change your thermostat’s program to reflect that not as many (or any) families members will be home during the day. Make sure you don’t turn your system all the way off so that your humidity stays under control.

  2. Replace your unit’s air filter

    Your HVAC system’s filter should be changed every 3 months. If you made a change at the beginning of summer, now is the perfect time put in another new filter. Blocked filters can prevent air from flowing through so changing the filters ensure that your system isn’t being overworked to circulate the air your home.

  3. Clear debris around your outdoor unit

    Take a short walk around your house and clear the debris around your the outside of your unit. As you approach fall, keep an eye on how many leaves pile up around your system. A cluttered space around your outdoor unit will effect your system’s efficiency.

  4. Schedule a Fall Tune & Check for your system

    Preventative maintenance aids in the life expectancy of your equipment and may alleviate an expensive mid-season equipment failure. We offer great deals on seasonal system Tune & Checks. Give us a call or visit us online to schedule an appointment.

Loescher has provided honest and reliable service in the surrounding communities for over 50 years. We are here to help as you transition into the new school year! If you have any concerns about your system or want to be sure your system is running effectively while you’re away from your home, simply give us a call!